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High Security Palisade

Our palisade fencing offers a complete security solution. This strong, durable fencing is suitable for large-scale areas, providing an unrivalled level of site protection and vandal resistance. It is difficult-to-impossible to climb, making it a formidable barrier in locations where keeping intruders out is essential.    

Our high quality palisade fencing is available with a comprehensive range of toppings, such as round and notched and triple pointed, providing further effective visual and physical deterrents.

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> Round and notched high security palisade
> Triple pointed high security palisade

The steel fencing can be produced to your size specifications to suit the security requirements of your individual sites, and is also available in a choice of colours, offering aesthetic appeal alongside a tried and proven method of security. Choose from a variety of long lasting colour finishes to suit the environment or your company brand image, while providing enhanced durability in all weather conditions.